How do the media influence your beliefs?

How do the media influence your beliefs?

Abstract:Through a series of social practice and investigation, I summed up the media environment and conducted a thorough study of it, analysis of the impact of the media on the values of young people.

1.What is media?
Media is between the dissemination and recipients, to load, transfer, extension, enlargement of specific symbols of substance and is the collective communication outlets or tools that are used to store and deliver information or data. It is either associated with communication media,or the specialized mass media communication businesses such as:print media and the press,photography,advertising,cinema,broadcasting and publishing.Media includes every broadcasting and narrow casting medium such as newspapers,magazines,TV,radio,billboards,direct mail,telephone,fax and internet.

2.How do the media influence our teenagers beliefs?
Modern media or the internet is considered a boon to the wired world of communication and over the years it has held its place therefore creating a powerful impact on people and providing the world with vast knowledge and entertainment. Nonetheless, it is still debated that along with positive changes like giving common people a platform to voice their opinions and transcending communication over geographical boundaries, it has a negative impact on society like giving rise to a generation of addicts, that have based their views on people solely on what they see and hear on the carefully manipulated media in this case the internet.As we have discussed above,media both perpetuate identities to the public and are the receptors of an ideology created and sustained within society.Media do not only send ideological messages out to the public but media systems are also interwoven into the ideological framework of society.Media also have their greatest influence on individuals over time.Cultivation theory argues that through long-term exposure to media,a cumulative effect begins to actually shape a person’s view of social reality.In fact,through repeated exposure,media have a psychological impact on personal values,identity and beliefs,forming an identical way of thinking.This kind of uniformity becomes common-sense and in turn,reinforce the framework of that ideology.

In my opinion the process of rumors and conspiracy theories is entirely dependent on the writer’s interpretation of a story, which could contain little or no evidence and sometimes misinterpretation of evidence. However, sometimes when viewers and readers turn off their minds from the real world news and opinions, the fictional media or conspiracy theorists make way by constant persistence of fabricated news, which seem inviting with their new twists and believable plots. Even though the readers understand that the content may not be accurate, yet the possibility of believing in them would seem hard to resist.

(1) Our social ideal is relatively lacking.
The survey shows that more than 50% of the young people agree with Hu Jintao,general secretary of the eight honors and eight shames.57.7% of the teenagers feel proud when they rise the national flag and sing the national anthem.58% of the young people said to make more contributions to the society.But still half of teenagers are non religious.The lack of personal social morality and social ideal is the disharmony of the relationship between the individual and the society.

(2)The self consciousness is fully revealed,but the traditional value identification needs to be improved.
For our traditional values of the top three are recognized:filial obedience,respect,integrity.Accounted for 19.1%,8.2%,12.6%.This shows that the contemporary young people’s identity of the traditional values of our country there is considerable room for improvement.

3.First of all,from a big point of view,the impact of the media on young people’s values are mainly two aspects.

(1)Media shaping the public values.
The media through a strong public opinion and background impact public’s values.The communication theory tells us that the media influence the public’s attitude and judgment on the relevant matters through the report of the topic.
First of all,the media belong to the superstructure,the objectivity of the media is specific.The media is the part of ideology,and in any country it is not an isolated existence.It is always influenced by political,economic,cultural and other aspects.For example,the 9.11 events, the United States newspaper will take a tendency to the American values,his objectivity is limited.Media coverage of the 9.11 event,the individual will be interviewed one or two people in the Middle East,but this people only accounted for 10% of the proportion of the following.
In our country,the media is the tongue of the party and the people,the media must be in line with the mainstream values.

(2)Media change beliefs
At present,the impact of public opinion through the media,and then affect and change the values of the public.A survey of university students proves it.University students in the public image fell to the lowest point 20 years ago,most of the negative reports formed by the media.Because at present less media promoting college students study hard.More is said that the university student lacks the sense of the responsibility and the public morality heart.

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