How do the media influence your beliefs?-13021326

How do the media influence your beliefs?-13021326

Can media truly influence our beliefs? Maybe some people will have such kind of questioning. However, I want to say: yes, media does influence our beliefs, more or less.

We all are just a blank new paper when we born, and who give us the beliefs? Of course, at first, it must be the circumstance around us. Such as, the educations from our parents, the word of mouth from the people neighbor us and so on. And now, with the increasing develop of the new technologies helps the news spread ever fast than before. We can get the information we need in the media, and sometimes if it is something hot topic of the social, our phone will warm you in the first time. Once we saw the news, it will stay in your mind and you mind will give you a respond at your first sight. So, in this process, the media have influenced you.

Everything in the world has its advantage and disadvantage, the same as media. It tells us what is happening in the place where we can’t reach and the things relate to us. It help us to develop the correct values through tells us the positive events. On the other side, it tells us the incident that is not a good thing for us and it may make us produce negative emotions. Such as, violent crimes, killings, suicides, wars and so on.

In my view, no matter what kind of things, once you pay attention to it, it impresses you. Make an example, why nowadays more and more teenagers trying to take part in the Islamic extremist groups? How teenagers get the information that influences them to be a Muslim and fight for the extremist groups? Without questioning, they get information from the internet. Extremists describe the place they live as a wonderland, peace with a friendly relationship with the people around you. At the place, you don’t want to worry about how to earn money for a better life, you don’t want to care how others looking on you cause you are unique in here. They describe like if you join the extremist groups, you come to the garden of the Eden. In this situation, more and more immature teenagers get carry away, expecting to be one of the members of them. However, they never know this is a road they can’t turn back.

I now take China as an example; we know that the relation between Chinese main land citizen and the HongKong citizen is dropping shapely since 2014. Since the Occupy Central happened in HongKong, the tourists from main land China drop sharply. Especially after a series of abusing and pushing the mainland tourists incidents, the impression of the mainland China to the HongKong citizen and the whole society atmosphere down to lowest level. Many people lost their jobs and the luxury shops closed for their low sales performance. In this incident, we know that most the citizens in Hongkong are reject those youths’ performance. They express the dissatisfaction through television, internet, and newspapers and so on in order to pressure on the Hongkong government. Besides, mainland citizen get the information through the television, wechat,weibo and so on. Many people express their feeling on the comment. Many people say that Hongkong disappointed them since in their mind; Hongkong is always a modern and harmonious city. They have never imaged such chaos will happen in this wonderful city on day. Although many of them had had a plan to Hongkong, they cancel it decisively. We all know that there just a small group of citizen join the chaos, but the influence is huge, and it has totally change the people’s impression to Hongkong. At that time, many countries are banning their people visiting Hongkong. And the point here is, once something happened, no matter good or bad, it spread to the whole world immediately.

Why I take such accidents as examples, and express the bad influence of these incidents. Because I want to say that, Medias tells the things happening all over the world, maybe it is none of your business, but everyone will have their own comment on one thing. You may have totally different views on the same incident after seeing what has happened in that place recently. And the media’s comment on this incident is an important factor. How it make the title; how it qualitative analysis the incident all this have strong impress to the audience.

So, in the first example, if the extremists without describe how beautiful the Islamic country is, how free the political systems is. I’m sure that the expectation of the youths must decline. The same as the Occupy Central incident, if the media clearly show the numbers of the people join the chaos and did a comparison to the numbers of the whole city, emphasize that chaos is just a small groups of people’s will. Maybe audience will not disgust with this city like that, at least, the level will down. Media does influence our beliefs, so am I.


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