How do the media influence your beliefs?-13021275

How do the media influence your beliefs?-13021275

With the development of science and technology and the popularization of internet, the information spreads fast all over the world and the amount we would get per day surges. “Well! The era of information is coming!” as a slogan in Lenovo advertisement board. Media, including mass media of communication and new media, play a important role in the building and translating of information. What’s more, the interaction of media is wide-ranging and strong, such as the FIFA corruption which was exposed and gained steam around the world in July 2010. On the other hand, a person would be affected by all kinds of messages easily in this age and society and it is dangerous for person himself and society, such as the Satanism.

What is the Belief

         Belief contains multifarious meanings by understanding from broad sense. In addition, the superficial explanation is that the belief is believing something existing or fictitious. However, belief is a intense mental strength and would be expressed for many forms, such as the religion or big fans of superstars. In philosophy, belief is a soul of love and one of the most basic human emotions. So, it is necessary to discuss and distinguish it. There are two types of beliefs I would explain. First of all, spiritual belief, as well as the faith, is a long-term and fundamental beliefs which people would insist and defend for their life, such as the beliefs of religions, philosophy or politics. No matter how wonderful the science or technology develops, the limitations of people won’t change and that is why human himself would like to own the beliefs or dreams. For example, the Wright brothers who insists to their beliefs of flying and build the first plant successfully in human history on December 17,1903. On the other hand, realistic beliefs, which includes materialism and realism, is a belief based on the current situations and materials, such as the mammonist. The beliefs of that kind of human is inconstant and mutable and they may be money-worship.

What is the Media

         Expect the traditional media, such as newspapers, radios and television, the new media is a new mode in transmission which depends on the latest technology such as mobile communication or digital network and provide customized and amazing information services to the audiences. What’s more, there are three characteristics which is relative to the traditional media. The first is the more popular propagational action. The traditional media which would cost expensive is limited in communication and has fixed channels. The authority apartment controlled and monopolized the media business. But, after the revolution and innovation of digital networks, the transmission of information became easier and cost-lower. That is not only break the barriers of traditional media, but also make everyone a transmitter and receiver of information if they would log in any social software, like Facebook or Instagram. Then, the second is the fictitious subject of communication. In the traditional media, the identity of spreader is specific and being well-known to the pubic. However, in the new media time, that is no need to consider because of the security of personal information. The last one is the extensive content. Instead of the strict review procedures in traditional media, the new has a easy channel to chat or publish their own ideas.

How to influence

         The coin has two sides. The development of media does benefit to the human’s life and let them enjoy the joy and convenience of modern technology. On the other hand, it also cause some troubles to us. The following I would discuss mainly about the negative effects and how to influence our life.

Firstly, the difficulty of informational regulation increases. As the development of new media, lots of mussy information has a barrier-free channel to get though and makes it hard to manage. People nowadays acquire knowledge and some relevant information by all kinds of social search platform,like Bing or Wikipedia. The process,  which the human would like to search the information they wanted to understand, will appear a lot of different social values, religious culture and rumors. In addition, the negative information would cause a significant influence to those we called before — person with the “realistic beliefs”. The undergraduate who has not any social experience or discernment is the typical example. In 2005, the new media has a great development and the information from the internet has contained some mendacious advertisement, like credit card which was popular and symbolized success at that time. A chinese student called Li from a university in Hefei city would pursue the fashionable trend of the internet and transact a expenditure-unlimited credit card (The policy of bank is loose and immature in the transaction of credit card). The girl, who lacks of the possessiveness and the distinguishing skill for the information from media, fell into the hole and illusion of the fortune and use the card to pay anything without any hesitation. When the payment due date of the credit card arrived, the girl cannot repay approximately 100 thousand yuan and confronted the administrative detention and the dropout notification. Of course, the person with weak beliefs would be very dangerous and confused in this society because the media is a vat fulling with all kinds of information. So, it is important to be a person with the “spiritual belief” and learn to gain the discrimination for media. On the other hand, religious belief has strong power and cause far-reaching influence for the human history. For example, Buddhism was set up in six century BC. The” missionary”, as we called monk, started to transmit the Buddhist theory by the oral communication and the Buddhist text — Sutra. Reading the Buddhist book or chat with the monks is the main way to know about the Buddhism. However, as the growth of the Buddhism, the ways in transmitting have changed into the new media, like the disk, cassette player and internet. What’s more, Media has different channels and carrier in daily life and input the culture into our brain softly. For instance, Buddhism starts to “cooperate” with the vegetarian restaurant to spread the vegetarian culture since the public payed attention to the healthy diet. Buddhist song and video, free sutras to read and take, and health food for body are all cause a great influence to the customer physically and mentally.


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