how does media influence belief

how does media influence belief

Generally speaking, medias, originating from Latin “ mediums”, refers to the tool which people use to deliver and gain message. People use newspaper, broadcast, television, internet, magazine and mobile phone to develop medium. Human live in a society that counts on information and communication to keep moving in the right decision and do our daily activities like job, entertainment as well as education.

Belief is conviction that we emphasize on. We could not realize our value without it. Belief develops from the heart and mind not from the religion or party. The religion and party play a part in accelerating it. It is individual conscious behavior. Thus, everyone will react differently when they deal with the same events or matters. Belief is the fundamental emotion of human beings, it is beyond reality. Belief is different from faith, the things you believe call “faith”. Belief is something that people put their soul. Morality is attached to human development. Belief decides on human morality fundamentally, it not only gives morality the nature of self-discipline and meaning, but also is people’s spiritual and moral choice of coordinates. Our beliefs on the other hand are assumptions that we make about the world. They grow from what we see, hear, experience, read and think about and they apply not only how we see ourselves but also how we see other people.  We tend not to question our beliefs because we are so certain about them and many of them stem from childhood.  Our beliefs can be changed or turned round by the ‘re-programming’ of our subconscious. Like values our beliefs can be split into two different types empowering beliefs and limiting beliefs.  Empowering beliefs help us to confidently make changes.  We use our empowering beliefs to make decisions in what can often be an ambiguous world. Limiting beliefs do the exact opposite and keep us rooted in particular positions.  Our limiting beliefs are often based on assumptions that are not true.  For example – saying you can’t learn a language. If you spend a lot of time saying that you can’t do something then for that time it will be true.

Common person in the city usually wake up, check the newspaper and watch their mobile phone while having breakfast or walking on their way to company as possible as they can. The get information on the media and make their decision. We have to be aware that our beliefs and values are based on what we know for a fact, our assumptions and our own experience. We usually know what we have to do based on our experience and beliefs. Unfortunately, we rely on the media to get the current news and facts about what is important and what we should be aware of .With the rapid development of technology, a large amount of new entertainment ways appear in our daily life, movie and television are two of them. In my opinion, there is no doubt that watching movies and television can influence people’s life in every aspect, both positive influence and negative affection. For instance, movies and television can broaden our horizon and provide us with more chances to learn useful knowledge. As for movies, we know that different country’s movies are based on their own culture. So we can watch American movies to feel American people’s passion; European movie’s romantic rhythm, and so on. These movies help overcome some prejudices and discover and rediscover the cultural identity. As for television, many programs like “Discovery” will not only teach us much knowledge but also show the nature beauty. So we can see all kinds of places of interest in the TV without going out. Besides, television brings us the latest news happened all over the world. We can know Libya was involved in a war. We can hear Obama’s speech in Washington. We will be informed of the coming disasters and take timely measures. Secondly, we can relax ourselves by watching movies or television. When we are tired of working or studying, when we have problems troubling our life, we can watch TV or movies to escape all of these for a while.  But I don’t mean we should hide from our life, I just think that after relaxing ourselves, maybe we will get a new attitude to our problems and solve them wisely. On the other hand, it is common for people to invite friends to go to cinema to watch the movies and our favorite stars become a new popular topic among us. Thirdly, movies and television can strengthen our good belief to the society or the life. Nowadays, many young people don’t have a faith. They think everyone considers himself and they can’t change the whole society. So they just fight for their personal profit no matter what method then should take. However, the themes of many movies change their wrong ideology. For example, Old Boy teaches us to insist on our dream, The Great Debaters tells us to fight for freedom,  I am a special soldier let us learn to be loyal to our country, Titanic makes us believe the immortal love,  All Quiet on the Western Front advocates peace to us.

In conclusion, we live in the world full of medium; the media shows us a lot of, we touch them and learn from them. As a result, our belief is influenced by that media’ advertising and the theme of a series of TV or movies.

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