People Feel Secluded from the Community because of Different Beliefs

People Feel Secluded from the Community because of Different Beliefs

Trends toward the globalization of culture have dramatically affected people from different countries, different cultures and even different belief. It is universally known that the kernel of contemporary culture is the point of containing and pluralism. Obviously, people in different cultures signify people in different beliefs because of the diversity of beliefs.

There is a gap in the diversity of belief, and that is no cause for criticism. In order to have more understanding about the “belief”, I have search for Oxford Advanced Learner’s English-Chinese Dictionary (Edition 8, pages 168). Belief can be divided into three meanings. Firstly, it is a strong feeling that something or somebody exists or is true. Secondly, belief is an opinion something that you think is true. Thirdly, something that you belief, especially as part of your religion. No doubt, we have more accepted the second and third meanings in this essay and we will analysis later. Moreover, “different”in our topic is likely to be crucial. Five largest religions in all over the world are as follows: Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and traditional folk religion. Different religions have different beliefs. Now I will list the reasons as follows.

First of all, Different beliefs meant different religions always. People often say that we need to seek common ground among different religions while reserving the differences. In fact, precisely because of these differences, people in different belief will feel secluded from the community. An example will help to clarify what I meant. As we all know, Islam has a lot of taboos and once we touch taboo, that meant maybe we defense their religion. In this Contemporary society, marriage is a freedom. People have the right to have acquaintances with each other. Of course, if they don’t love each other because of appearance or personality or anything else, we only need to say,” oh, you are not my cup of tea!” But the people of Islam, marriage is not only to satisfy the sexual desire, but also is a behavior which a person have the responsibility for family, society and human reproduction. However, women of Islam, they can not take off their turban in front of the people. The only person can take off their turban is their husband. That is to say, man before marriage has no right to take a look at the appearance of woman. However, in other religions, such as Christianity, non-believer, they will think it is ridiculous! What’s more, there is someone call for an atheist who  believes that there is no God. However, Christianity and Islam believe God existing and guiding their life. Hence, if two religions or we can say two beliefs can not seek common ground among customs or cultures, the only thing we can do is just keeping the differences. That is not difficult to explain why people will feel secluded from community because of different beliefs. It just because different beliefs have different characteristics and we can not mix it together. So some people may feel secluded from community.

Secondly, different religions are bound to affect politics. There is no denying the fact that one of the main factors may influence politics is religion and belief. I think these aspects are interrelated. We all seem too many examples in China or elsewhere, in modern or ancient times. For Chinese, politics is a sensitive issue, more often than not. Here I will take up an example, the question of the Dalai Lama. President Obama saw Dalai Lama in 2011. However, China pointed out this meeting which interfered with the internal affairs of China and harmed Sino-US relations. From here we can see,  different religions and beliefs affect the politics. What’s more, it can harm the relations and interests among countries. If the politics of two countries have conflicts, that is more than people feel secluded from community ! Is a country feeling secluded from community!

Thirdly, different beliefs may create conflict easily. For non-believer, beliefs signify something that push you to live a meaningful life. If two persons have different ideas in the same thing as well as they can not generate a consensus. The only thing we can imagine is that it will cause divergence. Because we believe something is true and irreconcilable.Or perhaps we want to stand our ground so as to do not communicate with others. At this very moment, perhaps we will feel lonely and secluded because we don’t understand. It just because we do not understand and no one support our view, so we may feel isolated.

Considering the above-mentioned, there are three main factors letting people felt secluded from community because of different beliefs. First, different beliefs meant different religions. Second, religions always affect politics. Third, different beliefs may lead to conflicts easily. Now, it is not difficult to understand why people will feel secluded because of different beliefs. Do you want to make our world more harmonious? Or don’t make our partner feeling secluded from the community? I hope everyone can respect every belief and every culture. And also, I am inviting you to step forward, to be seen and ask yourself. If not me, who? If not now, when?


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