Why do some artists become icons of pop culture?-13021405

Why do some artists become icons of pop culture?-13021405

The pop culture is the most members are participate in the community, and show the social culture of person’s psychologic status and value orientation in the form of material or immaterial, this kind of culture usually Spreading and disappearing with the help of the tools of the advanced media, and produce some influence in society. The commodity economy as the basic of the pop culture, the mass media as the carrier, to take the entertainment as the main objective, guided by popular interest, Including fashion, consumer culture, leisure culture, luxury culture, material culture, popular lifestyle, popular taste, urban culture, subculture, popular culture and mass culture, etc. I think the young people are in majority to accept the pop culture.

  1. The development of the media.

The way of the culture spread is passing through the words before, and the people can gain the information just from reading purely, such as, reading newspaper, reading magazine, reading textbook, and so on. But after China’s reform and opening up, the economic development is getting better and better, and with the development of science and technology, the person’s life have the great raise, almost each person all own the computer or mobile phone themselves. We all know, human beings are visual animals, if there offer the words or the picture and video, they will choose the latter one rather than the former one. Because the words are dull and boring, the pictures and videos are full of life. And the content of the reading all are theoretical knowledge or novel, they will talk a little about the real person in present world, except the news, but now, whatever in book or in media, all are the well-knew artists, such as, Song Zhongji in Korea.

  1. The pop culture usually is funny and it can be match with the artists.

Now, we can see when the people are free, they will take this time to watch their computer or mobile phone, for example, when they are lifting, when they are lining, when they are eating. And during this time, what they are watching for? On the basis of my survey, I found that they will watch variety shows, TV shows, movies and news. The former three accounted for the majority. These shows all showed by the artists, and it has the entertainment for people to enjoy it.

  1. The attracted by artists is important in pop culture.

The United States music TV station VH1 recently elected in the history of the 200 greatest pop culture icons. For example, In the show business, The sexy goddess-Marilyn Monroe, comedy king-Charlie Chaplin, Hong Kong martial arts superstar-Bruce Lee, etc. these artists maybe is a beautiful girl or a handsome boy, because you know, this is a world we will pay attention to the face, if just have the beautiful face is not enough, they should gain the good comment from audience, it can be in acting, or it can be the language and the behavior of them. They should have their own distinguishing feature, like Marilyn Monroe, sexy as her main feature, and she can And she can show this characteristic well, this is an important point which can make her become a greatest pop culture icon successfully; And the Bruce Lee, who is in Hong Kong, he is famous for his exquisite martial arts, more and more people are influenced by him.

  1. The artists are matching the timeliness of the pop culture.

The pop culture has fine timeliness, it will come quickly and go quickly, and this is a normality in artists’ life, because they also change quickly, they should fit the times. We can see the artists can match this character. For example, some artists said that this year is suit for cut a short hair, and they show their short hair in TV show or in movie, so many young people will try to cut their hair as the same as the artists.

But, in the others year, we can see the artists with long hair, and tie it up, and then, these people will follow the artists to keep the long hair and tie it up. The artists are always run the forefront of the time, the language and the behavior of them are promote the culture development and progress at all times.

  1. The artists are represents unabashed individuality, which suit for the pop culture.

The pop culture has the point that it is advocate the unabashed individuality, the artists also have this character. And the different artists have the different individual. For example, famous star, Fan Bingbing, she is well-knew in many countries, not only beauty she is, but also have the unabashed individuality, sometimes she will dress as a strong woman, sometimes she will dress exactly like a sweet and helpless bird, etc. The people will copy the artists to make themselves more individual.

  1. Many kinds of aesthetic in pop culture are following with the artists.

In the show business, there will have all kinds of appreciation of the beauty, which is suit for the pop culture. For example, some artists believe that the red can be match with the green, and they can make it beautiful; some artists think that the black and the white is the best match. We also will believe what the artists believe.

This is my opinion of some artists become icons of pop culture.

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