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Use Positive Reinforcement And Personal Attention In Classroom Management

Effective classroom management is an essential part of ensuring that learning is taking place in schools. It refers to the strategies, methods, and techniques used to maintain an orderly and productive learning environment where both students and teachers can thrive. Classroom management is the foundation of a successful class, and it requires the teacher's ability...
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30 Fun ESL Games to Engage Young Learners

30 Fun ESL Games to Engage Young Learners As an ESL tutor, one of the most effective ways of engaging young learners is to incorporate games into your lesson plans. Games increase student motivation, provide a fun way to learn, and foster friendly competition among peers. Moreover, they serve as vital tools to boost student...
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Blake Academy, LTD. Incorporated In Myanmar

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What a free trial class looks like:

First-time learners love the free trial class! It is a chance for Mr. Paul to gauge the child's level for placement. The student below can speak in complete sentences and with extra vocab, so after the initial assessment, we talked about his family. He will be using an Oxford Reading curriculum based on his level....