I’ve been teaching for this company for the past year. Please use this link for a $50 bonus and signing bonus upon hiring.

Reasons to use my link:

    1. Get a higher salary. My referrals have been averaging between $7.5-$8.50 base per 25 minutes, plus the $2 per class in incentives. They are averaging at least $21 an hour compared to as low as a $5 base for those ignoring my referral link. VIPKID knows who I am and you’ll benefit from my reference.
    2.  Get a signing bonus. When you use my referral you’ll get an additional $50 signing bonus and other incentives.
    3. More likely to get hired. Less than 10% of applicants get hired and using my link will be the equivalent of a reference letter.
    4. I’ll help you pass your demo. After you successfully apply, I’ll send a link to a private video giving you tips and insider information. Avoid the YouTube hacks who have only taught a few classes. I’ve taught over 2000 classes with VIPKID alone and as a VIPKID Mentor, I know what they are looking for.
    5. I’ll tell you how to build a following. I have over 1,180 parents following me and have a 5/5 rating from parents. I’m always booked and after you teach your first class, I’ll send additional VIPKID tips that made me successful.

This job is for North American, Native English speakers only.
There is no prep and PPT lessons with directions are provided during each class.
The system is easy to use.


-It requires at least a 5MB direct internet connection (WIFI even at high speeds can be unreliable so use an Ethernet cord)
-Previous ESL experience
-Flash in a browser (I use a Chromebook and it works great.)
-Bachelor’s degree
-Canadian or American citizenship
-Bank account for monthly salary transfers (The company does not take out any tax, you receive 100% of your pay if you have a USA bank account.)
-Tax info for 1099/Independent Contractor position (After you sign contract, don’t email me personal info, use link to apply)
-A thick skin: Only 10% of applicants actually get hired so grow up if you can’t handle your first job application rejection.

This company is highly regarded on Glassdoor and is ranked by Forbes as one of the top, legit work at home opportunities. Please don’t apply if you aren’t a native speaker from Canada or the USA.

The company will be happy to answer any additional questions during the hiring process.

Good luck! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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