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Fall 2018: College Speaking 1 and 3

By creating an account with your student number as the username at, you acknowledge that you read the syllabus for your course, College Speaking 1 or College Speaking 3.  When creating the account you agree to the attendance contract. The free account allows you to create future presentation outlines for review, document collaboration and conduct a teacher feedback survey.

Course description: This course is based on New York State Common Core Standards for new language arts progressions.  Students should improve in fluency by scaffolding through the five levels of language progression: entering, emerging, transitioning, expanding, and commanding. Target instruction to students will be based on their level of proficiency and progress.  During the 18-week course all students, as long as they attend class, will improve in fluency through comprehension and participation.

The course will be separated into five modules: Interpersonal Communication, Business Communication, Presentational Writing, Interpretive Listening and Presentational Speaking. This is primarily a speaking course designed to inspire confidence in speaking English. 这节课基于纽约州常用核心标准

Course Objectives:

Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions (one-on-one, in groups and teacher-led) with diverse partners on topics, texts and issues, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.

Teaching Methodologies, daily class expectations and general format:

  • A- Intro and learning target given to the class (Objective: 5 minutes)
  • B- Listening practice, multimedia demonstration (Do Now Task: 10-15 minutes)
  • C- Group text analysis and preparation for class presentations (Mini-lesson: 25 minutes)
  • D- Group task, conversation, class discussion of learning target (Modeling: 45 minutes)

Each group may be assigned a different task:

  • Analyze a theory or text
  • Develop a set of questions relating to the text
  • Define new language / vocabulary
  • Make connections from the text to their own lives
  • Create a visual for the text
  • Make a presentation summarizing the text or media


25% Participation/Attendance/Quiz

25% Debates

25% Midterm

25% Final presentation

Online course progression

Class times:

 Contact to sign up.

Our Zoom/WeChat packages:
Two hours a week:  1200 Yuan per month 
Four hours a week: 2200 Yuan per month
(Lessons are paid monthly, in advance. Students are allowed one reschedule or no show. Otherwise, not showing up for a scheduled class forfeits the class fee due to scheduling the teacher’s time.) 

Students start at one of the following levels for topic-based, conversational English lessons:

B1- Introductions/Family
B2- Verb agreements
B3- What is this/that?
B4- Body parts
B5- Days/months/ordinal numbers
B6- Animals/Pets
B7- Prepositions
B8- What is the weather like?
B9- Past simple/past continuous

I1- Articles
I2- Jobs
I3- Food
I4- Adverbs of frequency
I5- Useful expressions
I6- Daily routine
I7- Continents
I8- Giving/Asking for directions
I9- Parts of the house

A1- Natural Disasters
A2- Countries/Nationalities
A3- Culture and stereotypes
A4- Top 20 Idioms
A5- Useful expressions
A6- Environmental threats
A7- Expressing large numbers
A8- British culture
A9- Festivals around the world