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IELTS Coaching 12 Class Package $150

Each class is 25 minutes of immersion into IELTS speaking and listening challenges. After each lesson, you will be given a review and self-study task to complete prior to the following coaching session. This is a small 1-2 session with Teacher Paul and a single learning partner, who you will be encouraged to work with through the course.                   Current availability: Tuesdays, Wednesdays:  5pm- 5:30, 5:30-6:00 pm               Sundays 6pm-6:30pm , 6:30pm-7pm available.

IELTS preparation is key to success in overseas study, employment and communication in today’s business environment. IELTS is accepted by 11,000 employers, universities, schools and immigration departments around the world.

Improve your listening, speaking and test-taking skills in this 12-lesson package, designed to study twice a week for six weeks.

Cambridge English: IELTS Academic

Lesson Plan: Speaking This lesson plan accompanies Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic Speaking Test 4. This lesson is suitable for intermediate level students who are familiar with the IELTS test format.

Lesson Goals 1. To enable students to practise giving extended answers in Part 1 of the speaking test. 2. To raise students’ awareness of the marking criteria for the speaking test. 3. To introduce strategies and tips to help students plan for Part 2 of the speaking test. 4. To enable students to practise giving a talk in Part 2 of the speaking test.

Famous Fables And Folktales: ESL Reading and Speaking Club

Famous Fables And Folktales: ESL Reading and Speaking Club
Mr. Paul will teach students the difference between folk tales and fairy tales. Folktales have been passed down over hundreds of years. We’ll read and discuss these stories while correcting pronunciation and grammar while speaking.
In this ten lesson series, Mr. Paul will teach students the difference between folktales and fairy tales. Folktales have been passed down over hundreds of years. We’ll read and discuss these stories while correcting pronunciation and grammar while speaking.
  • Week No. 1 Fables and Folktales
  • No. 2 Wake-up on The Farm
  • No. 3 The Lion and The Mouse
  • No. 4 The Town and The Country Mouse
  • No. 5 The Rats And The Iron
  • No. 6 The Crow And The Fox
  • No. 7 The Grasshopper And Ant
  • No. 8 The Boy Who Cried Wolf
  • No. 9 The Pied Piper, Strangers and Staying Safe
  • No. 10 Create a Fable!
  1. Learn story structures
  2. Learn literary terms and practice writing with prompts
  3. Learn everyday English idioms and expressions
  4. Convey ideas with fluency
  5. Listen actively for survival English
  6. Have pronunciation corrected in an encouraging way while reading
  7. Retell a story, make predictions, and compare each story to your own life

Space ESL Club

Mr. Paul is teaching a ten-lesson series on Space with each lesson lasting at least 50 minutes. $15 per class, per student, and no more than 4 students in a course. (One-on-one rate is 200RMB per class)

Lesson No. 1

What’s in our Solar System?

This lesson will answers questions about what’s beyond our home planet like what the stars, sun, and moon are.
Children are naturally curious, and we think they’ll be inspired by the science and mysteries of the galaxy. Teacher Paul has a cosmic collection of resources for children about Space and the solar system.


No. 2 Mercury

This lesson is packed with information about Mercury, the smallest planet in the Solar System and the closest planet to the Sun. This presentation is packed with incredible photographs and high quality illustrations of Mercury.
Teacher Paul will give some background information about the planet, such as its size, its distance from Earth, what its surface is like, and how it came to be named after the Roman messenger god. A profile of the planet Mercury is also included, which contains some fascinating facts such as the length of a Mercurian day and the huge inconsistencies in temperature on the opposing sides of the planet.
This lesson also contains information about the spacecraft that NASA have sent to study Mercury, such as theMariner 10 spacecraft, the MESSENGER probe and the BepiColombo Mission that is still underway. These slides explain how NASA has been able to discover more about Mercury, including what it is made of.


No. 3 Venus

This lesson is full of facts and information about Venus, the second-closest planet to the Sun in the Solar System. Teacher Paul’s lesson is great to use for covering the topic of space, the Solar System and Earth-like planets, as there are lots of interesting things to learn about Venus contained in this lesson.
First we’ll learn basic facts about Venus, including its high temperatures, its dense atmosphere, its size relative to Earth, and how it came to be named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty. There are also some interesting pieces of trivia about Venus, such as the fact that Venus spins the opposite way to all the other planets in the Solar System, and the fact that a day on Venus is longer than a Venusian year.


No. 4 Earth

This informative lesson about Earth is the ideal way to begin your teaching on a topic about space and the planets – and what better way to start than with our home planet of Earth!
Find out lots of interesting facts about the Earth and the Moon, learn about lunar exploration and see some beautiful photographs of the planets themselves.
What could be more exciting than studying our place in the universe and how our planet supports life? There are so many mysteries left to discover – we hope children will be inspired by the achievements of scientists and astronauts so far in our Earth lesson.


No. 5 Mars

No. 6 Jupiter

No. 7 Saturn

No. 8 Uranus

No. 9 Neptune

No. 10   Why Pluto Isn’t a Planet and Course Review