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Saigon Business English Online

Business English In Saigon Is Available At Your Company Or One-on-One Online. In today's globalized world, fluency in English has become an essential skill for professionals across different industries. As businesses expand internationally, the ability to effectively communicate in English is crucial for success. If you are in Saigon, Vietnam, one of the best options...
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What a free trial class looks like:

First-time learners love the free trial class! It is a chance for Mr. Paul to gauge the child's level for placement. The student below can speak in complete sentences and with extra vocab, so after the initial assessment, we talked about his family. He will be using an Oxford Reading curriculum based on his level....
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Book A Free Trial Class

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IELTS Coaching 12 Class Package $150

Each class is 25 minutes of immersion into IELTS speaking and listening challenges. After each lesson, you will be given a review and self-study task to complete prior to the following coaching session. This is a small 1-2 session with Teacher Paul and a single learning partner, who you will be encouraged to work with...