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Lang Biang Art Station Friend Stay

I was originally hesitant to visit Lang Biang Mountain because of all the terrible Trip Advisor reviews.

Thanks to knowing a friend in the area, I made the journey and was recommended to Lang Biang Art Station.

What a cool experience. For ten bucks a night, they never stopped feeding me and gave me a few complimentary local beers.

I almost forgot to climb Lang Biang and told them that I wanted to still see the tourist area. Na, Ting, and local farm workers insisted I visit their farm and hike a local trail to the peak.

This was the experience every traveler hopes for. I was hanging out with local people and experiencing their food and way of life.

At the farm, Na made a meal after picking the veggies. It doesn’t get fresher than that!

I felt guilty I paid for none of this, but it seems the people here don’t have those monetary hangups and bean-counting we do in The West.

I felt like I had walked back in time and could see how happy these people are with a simple life, disconnected from the meaningless obsessions and materialism back home.  At that moment, a few horses walked by the homestay.

I am hooked on Lang Biang and could see being here often.

Plan yourself a visit despite the tourist traps, and explore the outside areas with Google Maps.

Lang Biang is about a 25-minute drive from Dalat and worth the trip.

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