Blake Academy is currently online only due to COVID-19. In-person classes and the free English club for the local kids has been discontinued through January 2022.


1. Class Size:

  • Personal attention
  • Less than 15 students per class
  • Individualized lessons
  • We know our students
  • Customized homework and learning plan

2. Native Speakers:

  • Proper pronunciation
  • American accent
  • Engaging teachers make learning fun
  • Practical, real-world (Not just in short-term memory for a test)
  • Tactile, visual and auditory learning

3. Consistency:

  • Same American teacher each lesson
  • We inspireĀ  confidence in speaking
  • We reinforce curriculum to improve results in school (TOEIC, IELTS, TOEFL, and Cambridge curriculum)
  • Improving natural conversation automatically improves any speaking test score

4. Value:

  • We aren’t an investment corporation or McEnglish chain
  • Students are our #1 focus
  • Studies show privately tutored students succeed!
  • Paul has over 10 years of business training, a degree in mass communications, is a published writer, completed USA Teacher Ready certification course and has an additional five years of elementary education experience in Asia. He has taught both journalism and business English at the university level in Vietnam and China.