VIPKID was such an amazing chance to connect one-on-one with Chinese students across the globe. I am so grateful for the opportunity to see smiling faces and excited parents as a part-time endeavor between terms and universities.

After teaching nearly 2,000 classes and concluding with a 4.95/5 rating from parents (4.97 the week before this post), I decided to move on.

Within 24 hours of my decision, the two previous universities I have taught for contacted me. Journalism is my passion so I was so lucky to already be in Ho Chi Minh City when their top university inquired, thanks to the flexibility of VIPKID.

I’ll be returning to HCMC University of Social Sciences and Humanities to be a lecturer for Faculty of Journalism and Communication, English For Journalism course, Fall 2017.

This can be best explained in this letter to CEO Cindy Mi:

Hi Cindy!
I am contacting you because I believe you care about the teachers and students, no matter what number they are in the VIPKid system.
Many existing teachers were made a promise and the new raise policy is 乱七八糟. I think you understand the importance of motivating teachers, making rewards obtainable and keeping promises that were made in writing.
My situation is probably not unique and you may see it below as an example. I am asking you to review this policy because I think this type of rash policy change can affect teaching quality company-wide.
This ticket was never resolved:
This was sent to me to get me to sign my last contract :”You can expect an increase after you accomplish this one.”
VIPKID has renegged on the agreement.
Furthermore, after I raised concerns, IT “firemen” were entering classes in my last week and canceling them after the 25 minute mark on more than four occassions.
 I cared so much about VIPKID, I tried to share concerns to keep it a great company. After the unprofessional response, I have moved on.
I wish you the best in your continued cutting edge, education innovations. Thanks for your time Cindy. Our time and our word are the two most important things we can give others. Have a great day!
Best regards,
Paul Blake
I’ll really miss my part-time gig but I’ll continue teaching online in the future for VIPKID’s main competition. This will sound really strange to anyone who knows me, as I am extremely loyal.