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The importance of authentic English materials in China.

The importance of authentic English materials in China.  Due to the academic system of memorization and learning obscure words, Chinese students often struggle to use oral English because they don’t know how to use vocabulary in a real-world application. The criticism of CET4 and CET6, China’s standardized English exams, includes that the oral English portion...
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IELTS Coaching 12 Class Package $150

Each class is 25 minutes of immersion into IELTS speaking and listening challenges. After each lesson, you will be given a review and self-study task to complete prior to the following coaching session. This is a small 1-2 session with Teacher Paul and a single learning partner, who you will be encouraged to work with...
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5 Benefits and Trends of Digital Education in International Schools

By Paul Blake While digital trends have greatly accelerated in recent years, this was nearly predictable, as online education companies were experiencing huge growth pre-pandemic. This expansion of tech in education continues as online education has become more universally accepted as a supplement to traditional pedagogies.  The explosion in the use of virtual 'meeting space...