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English for Journalism, Fall 2017

The following syllabus has been arranged by the Faculty of Journalism and Communications. Students taking English for Journalism at University of Social Sciences and Humanities can view the Google Drive link below for advanced access to the coursework during my teaching weeks. The schedule will go as follows:

Nov. 21 – What is newsworthy and how to develop story ideas.

Nov. 24 – Interviews: How to conduct an interview and the art of asking questions

Nov. 28 – Video Reporting: Broadcast journalism and how to pitch a story

Dec. 1- Production: Students will learn teamwork and production basics from audio, lighting and taking useful b-roll.

Dec. 5- Online Production: Students will learn the basics from buying a domain name, starting a blog, online video editing and overviews of the most popular content management systems.

Dec. 8 Multimedia: Multimedia review. How to select a career in journalism and how to get a job in journalism in 2017 and beyond.

Dec.  12- Ethics: Students will learn ten journalism rules related to ethics and explore the difference between fact and opinion.

Dec 15- Copyright: Students will learn what is Fair Use, Creative Commons and will identify common mistakes.


VIPKID is such an amazing chance to connect one-on-one with Chinese students across the globe. I am so grateful for the opportunity to see smiling faces and excited parents as a part-time endeavor between terms and universities.

After teaching nearly 2,000 classes and maintaining a 4.95/5 rating from parents (4.97 the week before this post), I decided to continue with  VIPKID.

I’ll still be returning to HCMC University of Social Sciences and Humanities to be a lecturer for Faculty of Journalism and Communication, English For Journalism course, Fall 2017.

See you in person on Wednesdays and Fridays or see you online 🙂

I’d like to thank VIPKID and Cindy Mi for really caring about the students we serve.