13021381-How do the media influence your beliefs?

13021381-How do the media influence your beliefs?

Media can have a positive or negative affect on a person’s beliefs.

For example,  I read a news story that a baby was covered by thick cutin armor model of fetus, and it looked like a white plastic Alien. It shocked me a lot because he looked very terrible. When he was born his mother was scared and dizzy. At the same time, an old woman told her that her baby was a monster and must destroy him not the case he would hurt and killed her. She was afraid of him but loathe to give up. At the beginning, she believed the old woman’s said as she considered that there was a ghost in the world. Maybe as she said her grandmother said that there was a supernatural in the world. However, she was enthusiast in chemical, so she searched it from the Internet. It came out in the wash, she knew the baby just was a genetic disease–collodion baby. From this story, I learned a lot from media.

What is media? Refers to the dissemination of information media, popular said it is propaganda platform, offer the platform for the transmission of information can be referred to the content of the media, should according to the state of the current policy, combing the actual demand of the advertising market constantly updated, to ensure its feasibility, suitability and effectiveness. Or media is between the transmitters and recipients, to load, transfer, extension, enlargement of specific symbols of substance.

As well as I want to introduce what is beliefs. Beliefs is that assumption and conviction that are held to be true, by an individual or a group, regarding concepts, events, people, and thing.

There is no doubt that the media can influence the people. The wide application of Internet and the rapid development of media technology, it provide channels for people, it also is one of the important factors that affect my beliefs. Moreover, it seems that people are spending more and more time searching and watching some sort of visual entertainment, whether it is television, a DVD or video and so on. It is obvious that the TV advertising is widespread and movies affect people. It not only make people joy but also influence character by environment unconsciously. I watch news and movie may come to believe that most people in the world possess great wealth and good looks.

Media breakthrough the limitation of the local time, with advanced electronic technology to the timely transmit the cultural heritage and values, make me more widely than ever before in a social environment in the accumulation of social knowledge. And develop and form my ideas, make me better participate in social activities. From opened and free media, I escape from the bondage of the traditional passive to accept education, actively seeking knowledge. To seek the demand which meet what we want, we can be stimulated with the learning enthusiasm. Is no longer just limited to the family and school that provide some thought, as I mentioned above, but actively to understand all kinds of information resources, after its own judgment form their own view of integration. I learn the Chinese tradition, but also read the Western classic. A variety of media laid the emotional foundation of my faith. It give me open a new space for learning. The spread of the Internet information is not just a textual, it would be more visualization, its content is wide, the collection of ideological context, artistic, educational and entertainment in one body.

Every cloud has a silver lining. There is a good and bad of media, some of the original information without processing, such as individualism, and pragmatism, and money worship. Hedonism, the pursuit of luxury, decadent lifestyle and pay attention to the vulgar taste sensory stimulation, at that time, we need to judge for whether it is right. Effectiveness of media causes for content cannot be spread by historical reasons, all kinds of subjective and object factors, such as judging thinking. No one have a lot of time to understand the information what is. If the man whose experience is shallow without careful analysis and screening, as time going by, it can cause view one-sidedness and extremism. Media, the dissemination of popular culture has potential erosion, make our interests and ideas change, deviation from the health and the mainstream cultural values, leading to lack of moral or imbalance.So it influence our beliefs. When I read in a media, I must distinguish what is right and what is wrong.

Open the network information strengthened my faith to establish autonomy. In particular, some film and TV works according to the religion or religious influence to resolve the problem or contradiction. It provides another psychological suggestion to solve the problem to me. At the same time, more consciously or unconsciously in the film to show the environment, religious culture, it plays a subtle role in our life.

Faith is the coordinates, the spiritual power of life, there will be a response to the idea of social sea change weapons. Media exert a subtle influence on me.



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