How do the media influence your beliefs?

How do the media influence your beliefs?

Have you ever considered exactly how the media influence our beliefs? Television, radio, the Internet, cinema and advertising is easily accessible to many of the people on the planet.
As a new carrier of information dissemination, media has become the world’s most important distribution hub of information and public opinion amplifier. And with the development of globalization, the impact of media on society in extraordinarily direct and prominent. A major feature of “globalization” is “ informatization”, and the media is not only the main technology to achieve informatization, but also is the tool and basic measure to spread information.
With these phenomenons, media also has fundamental and significant influence on our beliefs, sometimes even takes the decisive role. Perhaps we may hardly notice how it impact our beliefs steps by steps, but we have to admit its influence.
In fact, we accept the media and even expect it to be present. This means that the people controlling these things have access to billions of people. They can quickly and easily get their messages out to the masses.
Firstly,I want to talk about the common ways that the media use to influence our beliefs.
Before the new media develop, fictions or TV shows and news would present some stories related to religious phenomena. For example, miracles, the afterlife, heaven and hell, good and evil. All of them are common stuff that media would show to public. It may easily impress people and he would try to believe the presented information or it would change his thoughts and beliefs unconsciously.
Advertising may subliminally and overtly present one of beliefs. For example, many non profit organizations are suggestive that Christianity get the donations. Many personalities are suggestive that good and evil concept in remarks and mannerisms. For example, they may analyze the floods are an act of god or nature.
Television, radio, the Internet, theater, the newspaper and cultural events are all mediums through which messages are carried to an audience. Although most media is not intended to directly teach or influence ethics, there is often a side effect of communicating ethical values. For example, a television sitcom can carry messages about how our society feels about certain situations such as work relationships, marriage, friendship, poverty or how to behave towards strangers.
With the new media develop, the ways that spread the information have been enlarge. The tools that people use to communicate have also changed a lot. People can get the information around the world by using the mobile phone. For example, some popular apps, likes Wechat, Weibo, QQ are also the tools that could spread some suggestive information about belief. And it’s a more acceptable way to convince the public believe their points.
Secondly, media may usually take the measure to convince people what he say. As time goes on, the messages exposure repeatedly and it makes people to accept them as true. More importantly, even some of the public know the messages are false initially, they may accept that it have been presented as ture just because how often the media are repeated.
Think about some messages about political and religious, econmic ideas. It’s obvious that the media influence our decisions through simple repetition.
What’s more, because various religious media revive and develop in contemporary, many religious media also develop quickly and have occupied an important position in society.
Media is typically constitution of public society, public
opinion is usually expressed civic life, and the media take the responsiblility and mission to reflect the conditions of the people, show the social, and report the news. Therefore its impact on society and guide is significant. Among them, the religious mainly reports and reflect the important events and a variety of information related to religious, which can have a direct impact on the religious and the entire community, even form the infection.
Now that internet has taken over mainstream media, things are rapidly changing all over the world especially the way news is delivered these days.Various types of journalism are emerging and communication is being given a facelift. Even though the readers understand that the content may not be accurate, yet the possibility of believing in them would seem hard to resist.
At my point of view, the voice of media can really occupy public’s thoughts. Recent years, the scientists focus on the heat topic of global warming. “Global warming is an indisputable fact’’ this obviously is a non-scientific language but ringing in our ears all day. Carbon dioxide and other greenhourse gas emissions that cause global warming also seem to be axioms, even become a belief.
However, it was reported that the scientific community don’t have uniform opinion on the reason of global warming. He criticized that global warming has become a new religion.
The most important reason is the earth itself. There is a periodic change. As the authoritative message has been spread, the public may have different thoughts on that reasons.


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