What Cultural Identities Are Common in Our Community?-13021030

What Cultural Identities Are Common in Our Community?-13021030

Different countries possess the respective identities. China possesses its own one, of course. While, it is special that China has beyond 5000 years’ history. And it went through lots of reform and wars. In addition, it insistently changes, and becomes more sophisticated. In this passage, I would illustrate some common cultural identities in China. It involves five parts. First of all, having rice and noodle are common in China; second of all, Chinese people are euphemistic; third of all, Chinese people become more and more inclusive; fourth of all, some immoral problems exist in China; fifth of all, China is a giant manufacturing country and also a giant country which produces the knockoff; sixth of all, China is a contradictory country. After you read the passage, I hope you can learn more about the common identities of our country.
Supporting paragraphs:
Having rice and noodles are common
Several decades ago, southern people usually eat rice, when they have a lunch or dinner. But, most of northern people and northeastern people often eat noodles. However, nowadays, having rice and noodles in China are common, people can choose rice or noodles as their lunch or dinner.
Chinese people are euphemistic.
In most of the western countries, when people receive a gift from others, they would see what the gift they receive. But, in China, we don’t see the gift in front of others. In addition, when someone give a gift to Chinese people, most of them would euphemistically refuse his or her gift several times, but if the person who insistently ask you to receive it, they finally would accept the gift.
Another example, Chinese people would invite their friends with hospitality to have a meal. We should according to the context, and consider whether he or she really want to ask you to have a meal with them. Because perhaps they’re going to prepare a meal for have a lunch or dinner, yet they don’t have enough ingredients, they just show their hospitality. If you want to have a meal with them, and avoid the misunderstanding and dilemma, you can euphemistically refuse the invitation several times. If they really want to have a meal with you, they would insistently ask you, or they usually would change the topic.
Chinese people become more and more inclusive.
With the affect of globalization, we receive lots of information from all over the world. And we absorb some of them. For example, Chinese girls are affected by the western culture, they become more and more open, most of them can accept that young lovers can live together before get marry.
In addition, the pop culture also affects our lives, such as the Korean cultures. Most of Chinese people would like to imitate their makeup, and listen to the Korean music.
Some mental and immoral problems exist in China.
With the development of economy, many people pursue the better material lives. The Chinese population is quite large, and people’s pace of life is quite fast, especially in metropolis. Worst of all, many people live in the infinite loop life styles. They go to office from Monday to Friday. They stay at home from Saturday to Sunday. Working, eating and sleeping, they repeat, repeat and repeat. And most of them can predict tomorrow’s schedule, the schedule of next year…. And then, some of them get mental problem.
In China, there are lots of “common bug”. It is that some manufactures want to earn more money; they produce inferior quality products to the domestic customers. In 2008, SanLu, a dairy manufacturer, produces tons of “Poisonous Milk” for infants, and cause infants got ill. In China, it is also common to deliver the good quality stuff to other countries, and the worse are sold in the domestic market. Those manufacturers are crazy on the benefits.
China is a giant manufacturing country and also a giant country which produces the knockoff, for they are cheap and also of good quality.
In addition, lots of application, like Weibo, Youku, QQ and Baidu, they are respectively similar to Twitter, YouTube, msn and Google.
What’s more, most of Chinese variety shows imitate the Korean’s, such as We Are in Love, Running Man, Please Fridge, etc.
China is a contradictory country.
Although China is a second largest economy, there are hundreds of regions where people starve is very poor.
In addition, Chinese housing market develops rapidly. But most people cannot afford a house.
China has advantages and disadvantages as same as others. I just list several identities. There are a lot of identities I have not mentioned. And I should say not every Chinese manufacturer is bad. But the reports about the quality problems are common.
To sum up, China accepts changes and it also willing to change. Our government also makes effort on it. I believe that China will become better and more and more civilized.



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