What Cultural Identities are Common in Your Community -13021416

What Cultural Identities are Common in Your Community -13021416

What is the “cultural identities”? Actually the definition of it is different nationalities of people used their the most meaningful thing to answer the question “who we are”.These meaningful things including history, language, ancestors, religion, values, customs and institutional, and in some symbols to represent their own cultural identities as a symbol, such as banner and cross.Its core is the basic values of a nation, while connect the nation together. Thus, in the era of economic globalization,cultural idenitities is a very meaningful and vital things that has become the most important competition in the all over national strength of “soft power”.


In my opinion, I think cultural identity can be equivalent to a national symbol.It is a kind of symbol when people see that ,they can think of the nation’s things what is it. Just as in our modern society, as large as a country, as small as an area, there are always some things that appear on the people immediately think of where it is and what it is .In this passage,I will help you know it clearer from the myth,building and custom.


Speaking of Chinese, maybe many people will think of the dragon.Many people doesn’t believe the dragon is exist in the real world,they think it just a myth.Legend of the dragon and the dragon culture is the historical heritage of China and some other Asian countries.It is the most representative of the culture ,meanwhile,it is one of the symbols in Chinese nation. Dragon ,which conbined Chinese nationis ,is the totem of the Chinese nation. Word has it that the “dragon” from a unity brave and warlike tribe, each of them capture a tribal beat a tribal forces, when the people won with the banners of the tribal totem pattern will be used up, then with the passage of time, they had defeated the lot had a fearsome reputation tribe, the invincible tribe the captured flag together and cut the necessary part of it , then they created the original “dragon”.It stands for the supreme power, witness the rule of force.


For thousands of years, the dragon has infiltrated all aspects of Chinese society, and become a kind of cultural heritage. The dragon has become the symbol of China, the symbol of the Chinese nation, the symbol of Chinese culture. For every Chinese, the dragon is a symbol of the image of a flesh and blood linked to the emotions. It often make Chinese feel excited, energetic and proud of it if they were called “descendants of the dragon”, “descendants of the dragon”.


Another one is the Great Wall. The Great Wall is a great building,it stretches for thousands of Li thing, it is also known as the Great Wall.It was built more than 2000 years ago in the spring and autumn in the Warring States period.The extant great wall ruins mainly built in the 14th century Ming Great Wall. According to the survey data, China’s total length of 8851.8 km the Great Wall.It is a great miracle that the working people in ancient China could created it. During the thousands of years,it is a witness of China’s long history. It is China’s first batch of world heritage and regarded as a symbol of china.


Spring Festival, the most important fesival in China,it is another sign with a deep cultural identity. The first day of the first month of the lunar new year. Generally at least to the year fifteen before the end of the Spring Festival, known as “new year”.The Chinese nation is the most ceremonious traditional festival. In the long history, the Spring Festival has become a meaningful thing for chinese.It is the opportunity that the relatives can condensed together to share the achievements and life details of the year. In that day,people will pray for new year started off with lucky and everything is good. But different regions of the customs of the Spring Festival is not the same.


In the Chinese new year, the South and the North of the food is different from the way of eating. In the North for Lunar New Year’s Eve is the tradition of eating dumplings, eating dumplings in some places the first, some mountains in the north and the first to on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month every morning to eat dumplings customs. Eat dumplings is a unique way for people to pray for the occasion, the expression of desire. According to the timing method in ancient China, at 11 to second days at 1 a.m. to midnight. “Jiaozi” is the new year and new year crossing time. Dumplings will mean more years of Jiaozi, the Spring Festival to eat dumplings is considered to be the most favorable auspices. In addition to the shape of the dumpling is like gold, dumplings means that wrap Fu Yun, eat dumplings symbolize affluent life. Different from the north, the South are usually have hot pot and fish. Boiling hot pot boiling, steaming hot, warm and sultry, booming; “fish” and “more” homophonic, symbol of auspicious superabundant “, Yu also implies the happy life, annual and superabundant. There are some parts of the southern spring festival exquisite eat rice cakes, mid high (cake), harvest symbol a year than a year high, the realm of a year than a year.


You see, when you said you eating dumplings dumpling during the Spring Festival and people will know you are from the north, and when you said during your Spring Festival time,the table must have fish and people know you are from the south. And in our hometown, during the Spring Festival on the table except that the fish must also be lotus root, Kourou, they did not mean too much, just customs handed down from our ancestors, then has become a regional characteristics.


The chinese call themselves as descendents of the dragon,they are proud of the great wall and attach importance to the Spring Festival.No matter what they said and thought,these meaningful things are priceless for them.It is a heritage of  remote ancestors’s wise.They form the culture of China that make the world know what is it and judge wherther you are a chinese.I think cultural identities is really interesting and meaningful things,we could from it to find our root of the history and help us to know what kind of person we are.

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