Essay and final presentation guidelines

IMG_20160411_114058For Cross Cultural Communications: Important dates:  The essay is due by May 25.  Presentation will be given on on the week of June 13th.

Please submit essay for feedback at
Make sure you are not writing online as I can’t be responsible if you lose your work. Alternatively, you can email the essay to with your student number. You are writing one essay, which will become your final presentation. You should have already taken the midterm at and all login issues have been resolved.

You will prepare an English essay of no more than 1200 words on ONE of the following topics:

Why do people feel secluded from the community because of different beliefs?

What privileges can you have in your own culture compared to others?

What is a cultural norm? Describe the concept in relation to your community.

What cultural identities are common in your community?

How do the media influence your beliefs?

Why do some artists become icons of pop culture?

Essay guidelines:
Due date: No later than May 25th to
The essay should be at least 800 words and no more than 1200 words. You’ll be graded on four standards at 25 points each: structure (ss) , grammar (gr), spelling (sp), and logic (l). If you do not understand standard essay structure: (Intro-thesis, supporting paragraphs, conclusion), please ask questions next class.
Plagiarism is the act of taking and using another person’s ideas and presenting them as if they were your own, and is taken very seriously. A mention of the source must be provided in each of the following situations:

A direct quotation.

When repeating another scholar’s idea or argument, even if that idea or argument is expressed or paraphrased in your own words.

When repeating any specialized facts. Examples here include statistics or potentially controversial statements.

Failure to cite sources when using this kind of information constitutes plagiarism.
This essay should be your own ideas based on reliable sources/studies you have found. Wikipedia is not considered a scholarly source.
Final presentation:
Due date: These will be presented on the week of June 13th and June 20th as part of your final exam.
Group Size: Groups may be 1 or 2 people. If two people are presenting, they should choose the same topic. You should not be relying heavily on notes, or reading from notes or phones. Consider this a professional presentation. The informal speaking practice/research in class to date has been just that, and this presentation is 25% of your grade.
Time: Groups have 5 min. (3-5 for individuals) for presentation and 1 min. for questions following the presentation. You will be given a 1 minute warning at 4 minutes and cut off at 6 minutes due to constraints of class size and presentation time.

Individual Responsibility: Group members should plan to share presentation responsibilities and field questions equally. Each group member should speak and present. Points: The presentation is worth a total of 10 points. Each category is worth the following: presentation quality = 4 points, oral English = 4 points, fielding questions = 2 points.

Presentation: The content and formatting of your presentation is open to your choice.
Presentation Quality: Students are expected to give a quality presentation. The focus of this category is on the clarity, organization, preparedness and smoothness of oral presentation.
Questions: Each group member must field at least one question.

Author: Paul Blake