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Class times:

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Our Zoom/WeChat packages:
Two hours a week:  1200 Yuan per month 
Four hours a week: 2200 Yuan per month
(Lessons are paid monthly, in advance. Students are allowed one reschedule or no show. Otherwise, not showing up for a scheduled class forfeits the class fee due to scheduling the teacher’s time.) 

Students start at one of the following levels for topic-based, conversational English lessons:

B1- Introductions/Family
B2- Verb agreements
B3- What is this/that?
B4- Body parts
B5- Days/months/ordinal numbers
B6- Animals/Pets
B7- Prepositions
B8- What is the weather like?
B9- Past simple/past continuous

I1- Articles
I2- Jobs
I3- Food
I4- Adverbs of frequency
I5- Useful expressions
I6- Daily routine
I7- Continents
I8- Giving/Asking for directions
I9- Parts of the house

A1- Natural Disasters
A2- Countries/Nationalities
A3- Culture and stereotypes
A4- Top 20 Idioms
A5- Useful expressions
A6- Environmental threats
A7- Expressing large numbers
A8- British culture
A9- Festivals around the world

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