Present like Steve Jobs

Details on the final presentation:

Due date: These will be presented during regular class time between June 13th and June 27th as part of your final grade.

Content: You may present one of the topics in the book or from class.

Group Size: Groups may be 1 or 2 people. If two people are presenting, they should choose the same topic. You should not be relying heavily on notes, or reading from notes or phones. Consider this a professional presentation. The informal speaking practice/research in class to date has been just that, and this presentation is 25% of your grade. English only.

Time: Groups have 5 min. (3-5 for individuals) for presentation and 1 min. for questions following the presentation. You will be given a 1 minute warning at 4 minutes and cut off at 6 minutes due to constraints of class size and presentation time.

Individual Responsibility: Group members should plan to share presentation responsibilities and field questions equally. Each group member should speak and present.

Points: The presentation is worth a total of 10 points. Each category is worth the following: presentation quality = 4 points, oral English = 4 points, fielding questions = 2 points.

Presentation: The content and formatting of your presentation is open to your choice. (PPT ok)
Presentation Quality: Students are expected to give a quality presentation. The focus of this category is on the clarity, organization, preparedness and smoothness of oral presentation.
Questions: Each group member must field at least one question.

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