Curriculum update

Based on feedback from current students and interest in American accent training, Friday’s conversation class will now include pronunciation drills and American accent training.

Our current students will receive a workbook to review and record their efforts for later practice and review.

Conversation class will include these elements and pronunciation drills moving forward:

  • The dialects of North American English vowel sounds and combinations
  • Syllable stress placement and intonation
  • Consonant stops and continuances
  • Voiceless stops versus voiced stops
  • Pronunciation drills with common variations of verb endings
  • Listening practice outside the classroom with assigned tasks based on the individual student’s needs
  • Common contractions and pronunciation practice
  • Summary of some important speech aspects
  • Pitch patterns in questions and declarative sentences
  • Practicing stress, pitch, linking, and reductions

 Contact Mr. Paul to join Friday’s class

(Fridays 6p.m. to 7:30 p.m.  800,000VND per month (6 hours)

Adults and 14+)

Author: Paul Blake

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