December Agenda

Mr. Paul will be going to America for one week.  Conversation Class and Kid’s Class will have a very special substitute teacher. You can meet him at the new center at C017.

erikMeet Erik Rosenthal 

He has been teaching in Asia for over five years and currently teaches at an international school in District 7.

We are lucky to have a qualified and certified teacher at the helm.

Let’s enjoy it while it lasts 🙂

Erik started his graduate studies last year and will be helping at the new location at C017 until next year. (That sounds even better than two weeks!)

Here’s the agenda:

December Class Agenda

Friday, December 19th
Blake Academy 6pm-730p.m.
Conversation Class
1. Teacher/student introductions
2. Idioms Lesson 5 (Blue Book). p.33 Dialogue and pronunciation practice. Discuss each idiom after role-play.
3. Christmas lesson plan (Christmas vocab: Stocking, elf, elves, coal, naughty/nice, show North Pole on globe) Follow lesson plan
4. Christmas board game

Saturday, December 20th
8a.m.- 11a.m. Let’sGo! Thu Duc
1. Animal Expressions and Idioms
Talk about animals (I like tigers, ec…depending on level of student)
2. Whose are these? (New Vocab, Skip this if you are short on time)
4. Opposites worksheet can be made a game
5. Christmas Lesson- Follow lesson plan and
Board Game
(Extras for unruliness: Conversation Cards, Taboo Game or Animal Expressions Wordsearch

Sunday, December 21st
Blake Academy
Kid’s Class 8a.m. to 9:30
1. Review Time: Dialogue page 20
2. Song page 22. (Two weeks ago we did rap, last week we did Opera. Give a sample version of rocking out and students will copy teacher.)
3. Review Days/Months, pronunciation drill chant on page 5
4. Memory 3 worksheet/Vocab review (points to each student)
5. End with game: taboo, or conversation cards
Please write agenda in students notebooks at end of class.

Friday, December 26th
Blake Academy
Conversation Class 6:00pm to 7:30 p.m.
1. New Years discussion
2. New Years resolution (use worksheet questions)
3. Idioms Review page 37 ( Do this together orally, skip to common ones)
4. Idioms page 41. Dialogue, correct pronunciation, discuss new idioms
5. End lesson with game

Sunday, December 28th
Kid’s Class Blake Academy
1. Jobs Dialogue page 28.
2. What job do you want? I want to be a ______.
3. Page 30 Jobs song.
4. Pronunciation Drill: Repeat p. 29 and p.32
Yes he is…No he isn’t page 33 (Jobs cont.)
5. Finish with game of teacher’s choice

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