End of 2016 term!

Happy Winter Solstice!
This week we are preparing our final presentations. I want to thank the students for the positive feedback given to the school:

“December 14, 2016
Dear Paul,
I don’t hesitate to express our genuine appreciation of your work at Xinhua College. We’re fully aware of our students’ positive  feedback about you, your small English Corner, your panel roles for our extracurricular activities, and your speech to the freshmen, your journalism lecture…among others. Your participation and passion is such a rarity among foreign teachers that really sets you apart. 
We look forward to seeing you back next September.
-Frank Li on behalf of Dean Liao
Xinhua College of Sun Yat Sen University”

I was stunned and grateful when I received this email from my boss!!!!

I always conduct my own student surveys to create a feedback loop to improve my teaching. Surveys are a great way to get feedback on how to serve students better.  A terrible school may use them as an excuse to punish teachers, but real educational institutions value this tool as a way to improve standards and methods in the classroom.

I’m so grateful for the students and administration at Xinhua College. I am extremely impressed by the dedication, professionalism and commitment of my colleagues. I’m so lucky they are allowing me a break to spend time with my family. (My brother’s baby will come in two days!)

Only the Chinese know the value of the worker and family. This Marxist influence is sometimes criticized, but is one of China’s greatest strengths. I am grateful for it!

See you in September, 2017       🙂

I’ll be announcing a schedule of free Oral English lessons via the WeChat platform soon. (For Xinhua College students only.) Register on this site to receive the announcement.


Here are some results from my class this term:

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