Guided Reading

Guided Reading is a powerful and efficient way to differentiate and meet the specific needs of your English learner. It gives children a chance to problem solve with new texts in a safe environment. The purpose of Guided Reading is to help children become independent, strategic readers. Teacher Paul will understand and notice your learner’s reading behaviors, and will support and give them exactly what they need to move forward. Guided Reading supports a child-centered approach to instruction.
In Guided Reading with Teacher Paul:
-Students can be successful at reading whatever their level. When we understand how reading develops, we can provide the scaffolding needed for their future growth.
-New learners deserve to be taught at their level. Guided Reading is differentiated instruction at its best. All children deserve access to instructional level texts through which they can be guided to read.
-Students are responsible for their own learning. Guided Reading asks children to read the text on their own with some teacher support.
-Teacher Paul notes the areas where they need assistance and provides strategies to scaffold them toward independence. Providing children with the necessary tools for success fosters confidence, motivation, and a sense of responsibility.
-English language learners can learn to understand their individual strengths and weaknesses, and they can create action plans for improvement.
-Students will be supported as they take on more challenging texts. During Guided Reading, children read from the same instructional level texts. These are texts that they can understand, but that still provide them with some challenges and opportunities to problem solve.
-Guided reading is an opportunity for children to learn in a more comfortable, supportive setting with peers who are in need of the same skill. Guided Reading is a time to teach a skill that a group of children need to move forward in reading.
  • Learn story structures
  • Improve speaking in complete sentences
  • Learn literary terms and practice writing with prompts
  • Convey ideas with fluency
  • Listen actively for survival English
  • Have pronunciation corrected in an encouraging way while reading
  • Retell a story, make predictions, and compare each story to your own life
 1  per week

No. 1

Guided Reading, Pirates and Your First Day

No. 2

A Monster Surprise

No. 3

A Magical Friendship
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